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Virtual working environments have taken over. You can hire from anywhere in the world - even on a tight budget. Maximize the best and lowest-cost global talent and significantly reduce your overheads.

TaskMango sources top remote talent from the Philippines to help you grow your top-notch team. Moreover, we can handle payroll and benefits administration, which will enable you to offer attractive employee benefits (without the need to establish a local entity) in order to keep them happy and stay longer. It's a win-win.

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Build an international team

Yes, your team can go global and benefit from worldwide talents. Hire from the Philippines - a beautiful country known for a friendly, hard-working, and English-speaking labor force.

Discover Philippine talent pools

Avoid costly investments in setting up a business entity in the Philippines and navigating through complex and nuanced local labor laws just to hire and grow your awesome team.

Hire top talent

Finding quality talent offshore is rare. Whether you are looking for a project manager, executive assistant, or researcher, we'll make sure they are top-tier.

Create happier teams

Give them great benefits, and they will give you their best efforts. We take care of the local paperworks so you and your contractor can focus on the tasks at hand, while maintaining a legitimate and happy working relationship.

Encourage a productive remote team culture

What is the best approach to keep your Filipino contractor engaged? Our service includes continuous support in the form of consultations to maximize your remote team members' potential.

Know your members inside-out

From technical equipment to their personalities and skills, we make it a point to know your contractor whole-heartedly.

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Schedule a call and tell us exactly what you're looking for. Once we have a good picture, we'll start the search immediately.

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