About Us

About Us

How we make your life easier

Hire, onboard, and pay your remote Filipino staff through TaskMango to relieve you from all HR administrative headaches. From recruitment, payroll processing, benefits administration, to legal compliance for your staff, TaskMango is ready to tackle these administrative challenges so that you and your staff can focus on your bigger business goals.

TaskMango was born to enable your fast-growing company to hire and retain top talent across the Philippines without the headaches and massive capital needed to create local entities or subsidiaries.

Why TaskMango?

  • Avoid costly investments in setting up a business entity in the Philippines and navigating through complex and nuanced local labor laws just to hire your staff.
  • No more need to spend days or weeks of research to find, screen and hire local lawyers, accountants, and HR experts. Our team is full of them.
  • You have full transparency and access to the employment arrangement and responsibilities.
  • All confusing and administrative questions from your staff can be directed to our team.
  • One monthly invoice from us covers all of the above.